Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Palestine Blues (2006) Documentary

Another movie on my to watch list. As I said on the E for EXODUS post I became interested in the Palestinian Territories history while researching The Bridge of Deaths.

Palestine Blues', follows the repercussions of the Israeli Security Wall and Settlement expansion in the engulfed/annexed Palestinian farming communities of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Instead of focusing on the object of the Wall, "Palestine Blues" examines the grassroots resistance movement that has sprung up against it. 'Palestine Blues' is not a 'traditional' political reportage but rather an interminable road trip across hard and liquid borders, across a terrain that is being erased as it is being traversed. - Written by Anonymous

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What is left for Palestinian farmers who learn that in 24hrs the Israeli Army will confiscate their lands for the construction of a Security Wall? What do people do when their very survival is threatened by one of the world's most powerful armies? PALESTINE BLUES tells the story of a village's confusion, desperation, and resistance, their daily victories and wrenching defeats. Unexpectedly filled with moments of poetry and humor this film's intimate access, unforgettable characters and story structure blur the line between documentary and narrative. Filmed at times with a hidden camera and at times under extreme duress, Palestinian-American filmmaker Nida Sinnokrot gives us a lasting chronicle of a people and their ancient life-giving orchards, ever threatened by destruction.

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