Friday, April 1, 2016


PERSPECTIVES IN HISTORY and sources.... so many of us are first introduced to historical events through old glossy Hollywood Films.

I was born in Mexico and spent my childhood there before my family relocated to Washington D.C. and thus my exposure to history became two-sided.

The firsts time I saw the handsome and brave John Wayne in the movie The Alamo I felt  Mexico had much to be ashamed for in regards to that historical event.

I remember asking the adults around me and as Mexicans their  answer was, "That movie is just a story. It was a bunch of Mexicans killing each other."

It is through movies like that and through having been lived in various countries and thus listening to the same stories from such different perspectives that always made me wonder about history. 

The clip below is the Movie from the 1960s and the long but fascinating documentary explains that the Mexican perspective is today the accepted historical norm.

* As a curious note, John Wayne was fluent in Spanish and the three women he married were Latinas, from Panama and Mexico.

John Wayne portrayed Davy Crockett in The Alamo.
John Wayne believed in the same republican values that Davy Crockett did. The movie is historically inaccurate, but Crockett would have likely said this about a Republic

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