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(Included in the boxed set A Touch of Passion)

The way I view my writing projects is this: I see myself, standing on the shoulders of me (the way I was at the end of last project), standing on the shoulders of me (the way I was at the end of the project before that.) With every new book, I bring all the experience I have gained and take my new project to a higher place. So the newest release--The Music of Us--is based on a lot of research, the way I always do for my historical fiction books, but this time it is the first book that can be classified as romance.

What happened, you ask? What made me change course into a new genre? Well, too things: First, I always enjoy stretching the envelope of what I do, just like in my art, where I do bronze sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media, paper engineering and anything beyond that... And second, I was compelled by my characters: coming out of a previous book in my Sill Life with Memories series, they demanded that I take them back to WWII, when their love story began. 

The story starts and ends with reflection, looking back into the past. Let me share an excerpt with you. 

So much has happened since the time we met, the time of our happiness. So many twists and turns during years of war and years of peace. We made promises to each other, promises that were bigger than what we could keep, which made us rise to our better selves, striving to fulfill them. 
It also made for a lifelong struggle. She started out as a rising star, and I—a soldier. Her aspirations were different from mine, so we had to learn how to bridge our differences. 
Some of our memories are full of joy. I bring them gently into mind. Others swoop out of nowhere to startle me.
And of all these moments, the ones that are dearest, most precious to me come from the very beginning. The first time I saw her. The first letter she wrote to me. Our first date. First kiss. The first time I made love to her.
And through it all, a great yearning.

My novel is one of 12 full-length novels written by bestselling, multiple award winning, USA Today and NY Times authors. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so much talent, and to enjoy the creative collaboration to produce this boxed set.

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