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By Anthony Flacco

NikolaI try to write succinct reviews with no spoilers. That is what I posted on AMAZON under the title ELECTRIFYING (yes the pun was intended), for Anthony Flacco’s Book In The Matter of Nikolas Tesla; a Romance of the Mind.

I enjoyed the book tremendously and as others have chosen to write reviews full of spoilers I decided to write a LONG version here.

The opening chapter is more about Thomas Edison than Nikolas Tesla, and I must admit at first it confused me a little but after I got into the book I chose to go back and re-read the first chapter and smiled as I thought; Very clever Mr. Flacco. Here the author sets the tone for the theme that Nikolas Tesla was surrounded but strong powerful individuals and organizations that blocked his amazing progress and accordingly that of the world as a whole.

Today in the United States when we can see members of congress smiling and gloating that they managed to derail something just to make the president look bad; even if it hurts the country or society; background checks for guns anyone? It is very easy to grasp the manner in which NIKOLAS TESLA was treated.

The book cleverly presents Nikolas Tesla as a man with a muse with which due to his religious upbringing he has a complicated and tortured relationship.  It is a very clever way to show the struggles of the genius that was Nikolas Tesla.

The scientific experiments; whether in the form of success of failures will leave a curious reader wanting for more and Mr. Flacco very graciously offers sources in his afterword including a documentary for those who prefer to read fiction but are indeed curious about facts.

In my Amazon review I compare my experience to reading this book to Irving Stone’s biography of Vincent Van Gogh. The books are absolutely different but both books succeeded in pulling at my heartstrings and made me feel deeply for the historical figure.

In a very detailed and interesting review @  I read that the reviewer felt ….  “I wish I had a time machine and could go back and help this man.”   I read a few other reviews and all seem to feel like embracing, helping and being there for Nikolas Tesla, which means that Mr. Flacco really succeeded in bringing the scientist in a very real way into our minds and hearts.

5.0 out of 5 stars  * * * * * ELECTRIFYING, May 6, 2013
This review is from: In the Matter of Nikola Tesla: A Romance of the Mind (Kindle Edition)
First let me say that this book makes me wish there were more than five stars to rate it, far more.
It is absolutely electrifying!
The author's creative use of the muse Karina is very clever and entertaining. Each chapter is exciting and informative.
When I was 17 Irving Stone's Book LUST FOR LIFE made me fall in love with Vincent Van Gogh. I am now past 50 years old and I never expected an author to make me feel that way again, Mr. Anthony Flacco did.
This is an extraordinary historical Biography, full of courage and information; I checked, his account is historically accurate and his prose and imagination make the reader soar hand in hand through the life and inventions of Nikolas Tesla.
Readers be warned that you will fall in love with Nikolas Tesla as much as you will be sorely disappointed by other historical figures.


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